I Need a New Place to Stay

Of course it is a lucky thing for me that I do not have my name on the lease, although if I did I would have been making sure that my half of the rent money was going to the landlord instead of being wagered on soccer on betting sites. I moved in this place at the start of the semester, straight out of the dorms. Ronnie and Kelly were here already and I have no clue if either or neither of them have their name on the lease. I just know that I do not and so I am going to pack up and find a new place to stay as quickly as I can.

My Latest Trip Was Very Interesting

I never really met any sort of escort before this weekend, and the ones I met were really nice. One of them was advertised as a Latina escort, but she told me that she was a Filipina. Either way she was really nice and seemed to like me a lot, although she did not seem interested in having a boyfriend for a few days until I left the city and went back on my sales route. It was not as though I did not try. I did not offer to pay her or the others, although I am pretty sure that they did not do much that I did not see them doing. In fact I am not quite sure how I ended up at this bachelor party. I knew the guy who invited me and no one else. He disappeared and somehow I ended up getting to know these girls. They thought it was cute that I was shy.

The Last of the Moles

I never really liked to walk around with my shirt off when I went to the beach because I was always afraid of letting people see my back. I had a few moles back there that I didn’t like people to see. Everyone else thought I was crazy and kept telling me that the moles weren’t that big of a deal, but they weren’t the ones that had to deal with the moles. They told me that if the moles bothered me that much, I could just go to a clinic for aesthetic in Singapore and have them removed.

For as much as I complained about the moles, I never thought about going in for a removal. I made an appointment and visited the clinic to have my moles examined.