My Latest Trip Was Very Interesting

I never really met any sort of escort before this weekend, and the ones I met were really nice. One of them was advertised as a Latina escort, but she told me that she was a Filipina. Either way she was really nice and seemed to like me a lot, although she did not seem interested in having a boyfriend for a few days until I left the city and went back on my sales route. It was not as though I did not try. I did not offer to pay her or the others, although I am pretty sure that they did not do much that I did not see them doing. In fact I am not quite sure how I ended up at this bachelor party. I knew the guy who invited me and no one else. He disappeared and somehow I ended up getting to know these girls. They thought it was cute that I was shy. One of them decided that she would tease me to see if she could make me blush and she seemed to think that she had.

I ended up driving them back to where they had come. There was a guy who was supposed to look after them and drive them there and back. For whatever reason he disappeared and left them there, so they simply told me that I was going to take them home. I was sober and I had my car. They asked me if I lived in it and I told them that most of the time I was covering parts of the states of Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. The company does not really have much of a presence in this part of America and so I go to places where there are opportunities to make sales.